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We look forward to welcoming you as a participant or as a spectator at the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2024.


Participants in a prestigious Concorso d’Eleganza often wonder, even before the Best of Show, who will win and which car will take the honors across the different Classes the various participating models are categorized into. What’s your pick for the event on January 27? The eternally captivating and romantic class dedicated to the earliest Ferraris, the cars of the 50s designed primarily for the races of their era, known as “The Early Ferraris”?


Others might be attracted to the Ferraris which, from the beginning, were in high demand in the American market, featuring the powerful 4-liter engine, compared to the traditional 3,000cc European version.

How can we forget the Dino? The petite six cylinder that honors Enzo Ferrari’s son will be prominently featured in its own dedicated Class.


Another class with great appeal, especially in the sixtieth anniversary of its debut, is that of the various versions of the legendary 275.


This year, significant interest also surrounds the “superclass” connected to the rise of Turbo engines in Formula 1, later adapted for road use, and dedicated to its ingenious designer, engineer Materazzi. It’s a superclass because it encompasses three distinct car categories, each recognized individually: the first class is home to the 208, 308, and 328, followed by the class honoring the revolutionary 288 GTO on its fortieth anniversary, and finally, the iconic class featuring the F40.

Another anniversary being commemorated at Cavallino 2024 is the class celebrating the revolutionary Testarossa, which also includes the formidable TR and the 512M models.


The fascination with Ferrari extends beyond the classics: revival of the front-engine supercar with the 550 Maranello in 1996, after the luxurious 456GT grand tourer from 1992, ushers in a dedicated class for both the 550 and its successor, the 575.


And to pay tribute to the repeated recognition given to their exceptional V8 engines, multiple winners of the ‘Best Engine of the Year’ title, there’s a class dedicated to the Ferrari 430-458-488 series.


There’s plenty to get excited about and enjoy. Not only that, but registration is still open. So why not give your Ferrari a good polish and come as a competitor?


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