Three Top Chefs already at work for an extraordinary dinner

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At the Cavallino Classic gala evening, Michele Casadei Massari and Juan Manuel Barrientos will join the Breakers’ executive chef Jeff Simms for a once-in-a-lifetime gourmet experience in Palm Beach


Imagine to reunite in Palm Beach the best of American, Italian and South American cuisine. Imagine three world-class chefs from diverse backgrounds working together to present a unique culinary experience. That's the special surprise that Cavallino Classic has created to celebrate the Best of Show at the Awards Soirée.


In the bustling kitchens of The Breakers, you'll find Jeff Simms, the renowned Executive Chef of the lavish resort, Michele Casadei Massari from Lucciola in New York with his unparalleled Italian cuisine, and the Michelin-starred chef Juan Manuel Barrientos from El Cielo Miami, bringing the vibrant flavors of South American cuisine, working side by side to create a memorable gastronomic journey.



To complement this culinary adventure, carefully selected wines will be served to enhance the flavors of each dish.


While the menu remains a surprise, the reputation of these restaurants and their dishes is unquestionable. The Breakers is known for its sophistication and culinary excellence, while Michaele Casadei Massari's New York restaurant is celebrated for its ability to offer the finest Emilian dishes – the very cuisine Enzo Ferrari cherished. Juan Manuel Barrientos' El Cielo, on the other hand, is famous for its innovative take on Colombian cuisine with a global twist, offering a refined selection of flavor balances waiting to be discovered.


Join us on Saturday, January 27th, at the Awards Soirée for a unique and unforgettable evening.

A limited number of seats are available for those who want to experience this unique evening even if not participating in the Concours of elegance.

Dress code: Cocktail attire. Jacket required for men.


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