Palm Beach Cavallino Classic: the temperature rises

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Registrations for Cavallino Classic 2024, taking place from January 25 to 28 in Palm Beach, Florida, continue to increase. However, not all collectors have decided which of their Ferraris to showcase. Hence, a brief overview of the categories and awards might assist in making an informed decision.


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In addition to the traditional classes, the 2024 edition pays homage to three iconic Ferrari models with significant historical importance.

The first tribute celebrates the sixty-year legacy of the famous Ferrari 275 family (1964-1968) in its diverse iterations. It's a captivating showcase, featuring models with both two and four overhead camshafts and varying purposes. This super class will highlight the different versions, considering their historical, technical, and stylistic significance.


The second anniversary celebration is dedicated to the model that marked the beginning of Ferrari's supercar series, the 288, later known as the 288 GTO. Conceived for racing, this car, with its 400-horsepower twin-turbo engine, foreshadowed the future F40. Its limited production run makes it a highly sought-after gem.


Lastly, Cavallino Classic pays tribute to the Testarossa, now forty years old (1984-1996) – a vehicle that left an indelible mark on its era and evolved both in terms of style and technology, culminating in the lighter and more powerful 512M version, now quite sought after.


Alongside the classes grouping cars by their historical era and unique characteristics, the 2024 Cavallino Classic edition confirms the special award for the “Ferrari Supercars” class.


In keeping with tradition, Cavallino will then award two Concorso queens: the Best of Show Gran Turismo and the Best of Show Competizione.


The Jury, renowned for their professionalism and expertise, will also declare a third Best of Show to the car that benefitted the most from Ferrari's rigorous certification and preservation of its historic models: the Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Certified.


At Cavallino, cars are not judged against each other. They are evaluated individually and all cars achieving a jury score of at least 97 out of 100 points will be awarded with the prestigious “Platinum Award”. That’s an accomplishment in itself, enhancing the vehicle's reputation and long-term value.


Let's not forget the highly coveted honorary awards, presented by distinguished professionals and industry experts. And then there's the people's choice award. What better satisfaction than knowing that your car is the most admired among these automotive marvels?


So, choose wisely, and.. have fun!

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