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At the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, judges meticulously assess each car’s condition and history according to the strict IAC/PFA Judging System.

A professional task that honors exemplary vehicles every year for their preservation and historical documentation. The guests, on the other hand, votes the “People Choice Award” with their hearts and memories, not necessarily focusing on data and facts: as a result, the rankings do not always overlap. Moreover, the use of a technological platform for data collection has certainly encouraged a younger crowd.


The results of the two public rankings are notably interesting: one for Ferraris 40 years old and under, and the other for models from the brand’s origins in 1947 through to 1983.



One striking observation from this year’s Cavallino Classic is the audience’s overwhelming choice of just one car from the top three “Best of Show” positions: the 1966 275 GTB “Competizione” #09063, which earned the “Classiche Certified” Best of Show, first in the grouping up to 1983. 



Right behind it is a rare gem, the 250 SWB Aerodinamico #3615GT, one of just six produced, and recently featured on the cover of the famous Cavallino Magazine.



In third place was an astonishing Ferrari 330 GTC “Speciale” #8753 sold in 1966 in Italy and already the protagonist of important elegance competitions.



Among the recent models, which also attract new generations because they reflect their own era, the 2009 Scuderia Spider 16M #166279 prevailed. This model was Pininfarina’s final design before Maranello introduced its own in-house style center.



Securing the second spot on the public's podium is a true era-defining model: the 1984 Testarossa, especially its 1992 evolution, the 512TR #96993. The presence of two 512 TRs in the rankings underscores their enduring appeal.




Taking third place is the celebrated 288 GTO #56643, marking its 40th anniversary as history’s first genuine supercar. With its extremely powerful twin-turbocharged V8 engine, it already unleashed 400 horsepower at the time, effectively becoming the foundation for the car that became a legend upon its introduction three years later: the F40.

All very interesting: something to look forward to at the 34th Palm Beach Cavallino Classic next January.

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