Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2022 – The Final Figures of the 31st Edition

Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Ferrari

The 2022 edition of Palm Beach Cavallino Classic was attended, over the four days of the event, by more than 2,000 people.
This total includes the general admissions, VIP, Patrons and Owners, the accredited journalists and photographers, the judges and their partners, and the sponsors and their guests. Ticket sales were capped to assure everyone a good view of the cars.
A total of 25 cars took part in the Track Day at the Concours Club on the Thursday. These ranged from 1950s specimens to racing cars of various ages, modern LaFerraris, Monzas, and other iconic models.
The Tour d’Eleganza on the Friday involved 30 cars.
150 cars were selected for the Concorso, including the 75th Anniversary lineup, and 147 were actually on the lawn of The Breakers.
Finally, 85 cars and six beautiful motorbikes showed up at Mar-a-Lago for the Classic & Sports Sunday.
We estimate that the almost 300 cars on display over the four days have a total value of around $740 million.
As announced, we have decided to donate part of the price of each ticket to charity initiatives: $100 out of $780 for the Tour d’Eleganza tickets, $30 out of $280 for the general admission tickets on Saturday, $200 out of $1,800 for the VIP tickets, $100 out of $480 for the Charity brunch on Sunday, $500 out of $5,400 for the Patrons tickets.
The total amount allocated to our selected charity projects is $103,450.
In addition to the above, our charity auction on the Saturday night raised exactly $20,000. The items sold were donated by Cavallino, Amalgam, Suixtil, The Concours Club and The Medford Guy, and these proceeds will swell our charity funds.
As announced by our Chairman, Luigi Orlandini, the funds will benefit four different projects:
  • The American Council of the Blind Scholarship Fund, a beneficiary of Cavallino charity endeavors over the past decade.
  • The A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts of West Palm Beach, whose fantastic students opened the Saturday night soirée with an amazing performance.
  • The Piston Foundation, to fund scholarships and apprenticeships for students and technicians wanting to pursue a career in the collector car industry and, specifically, internship opportunities for students in the shops of Motor Valley, the Italian land of motoring.
  • The Palm Beach Police & Fire Foundation, to support public safety workers and their children.
“One of the very first tasks I set myself was to increase the charitable contributions of the Cavallino Classic, to continue supporting the organizations we have already helped in previous years, and to also to launch some new initiatives.” said Luigi Orlandini, Chairman of Canossa and Cavallino. “As the lucky father of three kids, I strongly believe that the younger generation is the most important part of our future, and young people deserve our help to seize their opportunities in life. I also wanted to support the community of Palm Beach, the beautiful town that is such an important part of the success of the Cavallino Classic.”
You can relive the magic moments of Cavallino Classic by watching the official video, just published on, YouTube, and on Instagram and Facebook: @CavallinoClassic.
Cavallino Classic will be resuming its “world tour” in Modena at the end of May, before moving on to the Middle Eastin November, and returning to Palm Beach in January 2023.

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