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The 1996 Ferrari F355 GTS, an artist's Ferrari
A classic car or work of art? This 355, an example of what is probably the best-loved Ferrari youngtimer model, can certainly be considered a work of art after being used as a canvas by renowned modern artist Ton Pret. He was invited to paint the entire car when it was just a few years old. Today, more than 20 years later, Cavallino drove it to downtown Manhattan for a special photo shoot.
As somebody wrote, you can hang an art car on a wall, but you can't drive a painting on the road.
From Palm Beach to the world
This issue contains 19 pages of coverage of the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic, held on the field of The Breakers. One of the world's most important classic car shows, and by far the most significant in the Ferrari world, Palm Beach elected three amazing Best of Show winners. Find out which cars they were... Completing the feature is a list of the chassis numbers of every Ferrari on show as well as the most deserving ones in the parking lot.
Ferrari SF23 – A victory to build on

A complete technical analysis of the 2023 Ferrari F1, illustrated with amazing sketches, explains how the 2024 car was generated, and also why this year's car, from the first start of the season, has been proving much better than its predecessor. 
Opinions and curiosity 
Cavallino brings you the voices of several editorialists, discussing a variety of topics, as well as a full and updated list of Ferrari market values (including the latest models) compiled by specialists by analyzing the values and market trends of different Ferrari cars.
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