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1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello s/n 111792

This Giallo Modena 550 Maranello, in perfectly original condition, was delivered to the USA where it has remained all its (pampered) life. It sports the much-loved six-speed manual gearbox and is a pure joy to drive. The 550 Maranello is a model that collectors are increasingly appreciating, as it pairs classic style and minimal electronics with modern usability and performance. It also holds historical significance, marking the return of the Italian two-seater Gran Turismo concept to a front V12 engine. It is the perfect Q-car, amazing as a daily driver that offers state-of-the-art performance levels on empty roads and light track days.

The secrets of the man who united two great champions: Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher

The iconic moment captured by photographers of Luca di Montezemolo leaping as Niki Lauda won the 1975 Spanish GP symbolizes the first victory that would bring Ferrari back to a World Title. This moment, featured on page 38 of Cavallino 259, introduces the exclusive interview with Montezemolo who shares his journey from the start to his return as President of Ferrari. It's an important story in addition to another from the previous pages and offers a genuine look into his day-to-day professional life.

Ferrari 296 GTS, the music of power

Maranello's latest success, the 296 GTS, an open version of the GTC, unveils its prowess in a driving test that highlights its impressive features and driving feel. With its six-cylinder engine delivering 654 horsepower, boosted by hybrid technology to a staggering 819 horsepower, this car achieves power levels that seemed unattainable, even for Formula 1 car just a few years ago. 
The qualities highlighted by Lawrence Ulrich, the author of this special experience, form the basis of Ferrari's decision to bring this model into competitive racing. The 296, in its GT3 variant, has seen significant success at the grueling 24 Hours of Nürburgring and, recently, in the same days of Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2024 the victory of the Daytona 24 Hours. From the upcoming season, the 296 in its special Challenge version will be the protagonist of this championship contested worldwide.

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