Cavallino Magazine - Issue 258

Embarking on a journey into the recent past to unveil the worth of often overlooked treasures. 

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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Ferrari Dino 308 GT

Designed by Marcello Gandini for Carrozzeria Bertone, the Dino 308 GT4 is the only non-Pininfarina production Ferrari from the period 1951 to 2019. Two of the very best examples in the world are featured: a very early Series I, s/n 08390 and a very late Series II s/n 15326.  A highly in-depth article tells the whole story of this model that, leaving aside its appearance, which even today is either loved or hated, remains one of the most entertaining Ferraris to drive. 

The Dino 308 GT4 was manufactured from 1974 to1980. In two years of that period, it was also the only Ferrari available in the American market. Discover its unique history, the transition from the Dino brand for the first two years of production to Ferrari, its technical prowess, and its driving characteristics. You might even find reasons to truly appreciate its distinctive design! 

Interview with Giorgio Schön on how to master the Peking to Paris in Ferrari

Giorgio Schön, well-known gentleman driver and owner of Rossocorsa, the official Ferrari dealer for Milan and Northwest Italy, in 2019, he drove a Dino 208 GT4 participating in the Peking to Paris rally. A classic Ferrari might seem an odd choice for such a long-distance rally, mainly driven on dirt roads and challenging terrain, but it turned out to be an inspired decision. In the feature, we learn how to prepare a Ferrari for racing, navigating uneven terrain, and fording rivers, sharing with him the emotion of driving this remarkable car through a series of breathtaking locations. 

Nereo Iori, the technician who made NART win

Luigi Chinetti, a friend of Enzo Ferrari, successful former driver and legendary importer of Ferraris to the United States, possessed a remarkable vision that greatly contributed to the Brand's success. Equally renowned is his success in establishing N.A.R.T., North American Racing Team, as the team often stood toe-to-toe with Ferrari's own works cars. 

Only the best mechanics got to work on his cars, and they included Nereo Iori, who was sent out to the USA directly from Maranello and is now a legendary figure among the early Ferrari technicians. Not only was Iori instrumental to achieve success, but he also passed down his art to new generations, thus ensuring the future of the Brand. A fantastic story, finally told. 

And more and more…

In addition to the important story about the 456GT, the 12-cylinder that brought the front engine back to Maranello, Cavallino 258 provides full coverage of the Ferrari Club of America Annual Experience, offering firsthand insights from Bend, Oregon, as well as the Cavalcade Classic, one of the most exclusive and visually captivating Ferrari Classiche events, this time organized in Tuscany. The issue also covers, among other things, the Goodwood Revival, renowned for its distinctive blend of vintage cars, thrilling races, and timeless style and a promising new event in Tuscany: the Villa La Massa Concours d’Elegance. 

 As always, Cavallino brings you the voices of several editorialists, discussing a variety of topics, as well as an in-depth list of Ferrari market values meticulously compiled by specialists who analyze the values and market trends of various Ferrari models.

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