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So much to see and learn, in addition to over 140 magnificent Ferraris in Concorso or on display.

In addition to the spectacle of over 140 Ferraris from every era on display for the judges, in addition to the opportunity to meet and talk with the owners, who are generally very proud of the public's attention, in addition to the exhibition of the 25 Formula 1 Ferrari posters.
The entire Saturday at Cavallino Classic is lined with seven sessions featuring experts and collectors in the Awards Area, running from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

The topics covered will be both varied and interesting: in the morning, following the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the 33rd edition of Cavallino, official host and speaker Max Girardo will interview Cavallino Magazine's Editorial Director, Massimo Delbò. The particularly significant topic is about Ferrari engineer Nicola Materazzi, the visionary behind Ferrari's triumphant Turbo engine in Formula 1, the first of its kind to win a Grand Prix in 1981. Materazzi applied the same principles to engines intended for road use, leading to the breathtaking 288 GTO and F40. Cavallino honors his innovative contributions.

At 11:30 AM, the discussion will shift to a light and entertaining topic with the story of a journey from Palm Beach to New York in a Daytona fresh from the Concorso. 

Half an hour later, Cavallino Magazine will once again be in the spotlight: its history and its fortunate origins, happily endorsed by Enzo Ferrari himself in 1978.

Can you name a woman dedicated to the restoration of classic cars? You will from now on. At 12:30 PM, Victoria Bruno will talk about her trailblazing career in classic car restoration. Not to be missed.

Max Girardo will take the microphone again at 2:00 PM, as famous collectors Dana Mecum - who doesn't know the important auction house? - and Kevin Cogan discuss the sixtieth anniversary of the Ferrari 275, followed by dialogues on the 288 GTO's 'wolf in Lamb's clothing' and the Testarossa and its 512 TR and M descendants, both celebrating their fortieth anniversary in 2024. 

Half an hour later, the parade of Platinum Award-winning Ferraris is not to be missed. A very special show.

See you at The Breakers!
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