FORMULA FERRARI Book and Art Prints by Paolo d'Alessio


FORMULA FERRARI is limited to 1,000 copies only, and Cavallino Magazine has only 1 left. Original packaging - never been opened!


FORMULA FERRARI is more than just a book.  This 504-page tome, published in 2001, comes in a beautifully crafted Presentation Box, along with 30 exquisite cutaway Art Prints.


FORMULA FERRARI analyzes, in clear and precise text, the technical characteristics of each Ferrari F1 car, together with all the modifications made to the basic model, and the motorsport history of each Ferrari F1 car is carefully reconstructed.


FORMULA FERRARI contains 42 chapters, 41 of which are dedicated to the Ferrari F1 cars, plus a final chapter with the historical data and sporting history of each car.  The main technical data of each model comes directly from the Ferrari Factory.


FORMULA FERRARI contains more than 800 photographs in color and black & white, many not published before.  These images are the work of some of the finest automotive photographers over the past 50 years of motorsport competition.


FORMULA FERRARI also contains over 150 highly detailed and accurate technical drawings, plus a further 47 stunning cutaway drawings.


FORMULA FERRARI is written and illustrated by Paolo d’Alessio, a journalist and technical artist in motorsport since 1978, specializing in cutaway drawings of the most significant race cars of the era.  In FORMULA FERRARI, he has carried out the most meticulous and accurate research, for the text, for the choice of photographs, and finally, for the unparalleled technical drawings. 


The Presentation Box is 16.5 x 22.5 x 2.5 inches, & covered with red linen. The Book is 504 pages, bound with a hard cover and laminated jacket, and is 12 x 12.5 inches.  Text is both in English and Italian.


The Art Prints are printed in 5 colors on special 200-gram heavyweight paper, and are 14 x 20 inches. 

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