Cavallino Magazine: Issue 261 has arrived. The exciting story of the Testarossa, and much more!

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A special issue that marries tradition and contemporaneity. Even in style.
The 40th Anniversary of the Ferrari Testarossa, with 1985 Testarossa s/n 59225; the 1990 Testarossa s/n 85381; the 1993 512 TR s/n 96165; and the 1995 512 M s/n 101354 
Pictured together we have the four main versions that created the legend of a model now considered a symbol of the 1980s: the Testarossa flying mirror and single-bolt version, the dual mirror and five-bolt version, the 512 TR, and the 512 M. Linked to this, there is a full feature highlighting all the main differences between the different series.
Leonardo Fioravanti
The issue includes an interview with Leonardo Fioravanti, leader of the Pininfarina design team that created the Testarossa and the designer who created the “Daytona”. An amazing opportunity to discover 40 years of Ferrari stylistic evolution. 
Franco Cimatti
Franco Cimatti is the man who was assigned the task of overseeing the evolution of the Testarossa into the 512 TR. Work that involved all aspects of the car, including tires. An amazing behind-the-scenes story. 
1971 Ferrari 365 GTB4 “Daytona” s/n 13389
We tell the beautiful story of this "Daytona": originally a neglected and forgotten road car, then transformed into a racing tool, and finally lovingly and painstakingly returned to its original specification.  
Ferrari 250 GT “SWB” Berlinetta Competizione s/n 2083

For the "Drive Them" section, we have the story of Ferrari 250 GT “SWB” Berlinetta Competizione s/n 2083, in the same collection since the 1980s and regularly driven. If there is no salt on the road, its caretaker takes it out for a spin at least three times a week. And it has been used as driving school car too…  

 Tony Brooks

Gentle and discreet, with no inclination for the spotlight, Tony Brooks won due to his natural talent. He loved his family; perhaps because of this, he seriously considered becoming a full-time dentist and eventually stopped racing. He knew how to avoid, with measured grace, the frequent fatalities that plagued racing in those years. A champion worth knowing.


Test Drive: 2023 Daytona SP3 s/n 291933


Driving impressions and the good (and less good) aspects of owning this special Ferrari. It’s so special that the only way to shoot it was to use a Monza SP2 as the camera car…   




Focuses on the first 5 races of the 2024 F1 season and races 1 and 2 of the WEC, and reports on the induction of the Ferrari NART into the Sebring Hall of Fame. 


Ferrari 12Cilindri



Cavallino Moderno focuses on the launch of the Ferrari 12Cilindri (written as a one word), describing its main characteristics and listing chassis numbers and specifications of the cars used for the press presentation in Maranello and the World Premiere in Miami Beach.    



As always, Cavallino brings you the voices of several editorialists discussing a variety of topics. Additionally, it includes a comprehensive and updated list of Ferrari market values, including the latest models, compiled by specialists who analyze the values and market trends of different Ferrari cars.

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