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Tour Auto 2014: Provisional Entry List

Tour Auto

Martin H. SUCARI/Christian BERTSCHI – 250 GT Berlinetta 1961

Sergio TONCONOGY/Fabian ONETTI – 275 GTB/C 1965

Alejandro OXENFORD/José Luis CELADA – 275 GTB/2 1965

Juan BALL/Guillermo PALACIOS HASSELBACH – 275 GTB/4 1966

Martin GRUSS/Michel BROGARD – 250 GT TdF 1956

Ludwig WILLISCH/Norbert SCHMITZ KOEP – 250 GT Boano 1957

Alexander SENFT/Chantal SENFT – 212 INTER 1952

Richard LEE – 275 GTB 1965

Anthony POZNER/David James – 275 GTB/4 1967

Frederic FATIEN/Jean-Pierre VALENTINI – 275 GTB/4 1967

Pierre MELLINGER/Tommaso GELMINI – 365 GTB/4 Gr.IV 1970

Michael CHOA/Philip MARCOVICI – Dino 246 GT 1973

Christian HAAS/Jean Olivier BARTHOLIN – 275 GTB 1967

Eric HAMONIAU/Arnaud DERNONCOUR – 250 GT Lusso 1963

Joëlle HOUSSEAU/Marjorie CARDOT – Dino 246 GT 1972

Paul DUPUY/Just JAECKIN – Dino 246 GT 1972

Mikaël LOK/Mathieu VEDRENNE – Dino 246 GT 1971

Alberto DONATI/Corine DONATI – Dino 246 GT 1972

Michel ABELLAN/Andrej FRIEDMAN – 365 GTB/4 Spyder NART 1975

Adrian BEECROFT/Susan ROY – 250 GT Berlinetta 1960

Ben GILL – 250 GT Berlinetta 1960

Martin HALUSA/Nicola von DÖNHOFF – 250 GT Breadvan 1964

Laurent DESPLACES/Marion DESPLACES – 275 GTB 1966


Jean-Paul DRIOT/Olivier PANIS – 308 Gr IV Michelotto 1981

Jacques ENTREMONT/François-Xavier ENTREMONT – 308 Gr IV Michelotto 1979

Christophe GRENIER/Guillaume PUGET – 308 GTB Gr.IV 1977

Amaury LATHAM/Didier BAUD – 308 Gr IV Michelotto 1977


APRIL 7-12, 2014

2014 sees the 23rd running of this event that still enjoys as much success as ever among both participants and spectators. It is obviously the work of a finely honed organization (Peter Auto) which, every year, searches for a new itinerary across France to reveal the beauties of its rich heritage and its rural districts. It’s a magical mystery tour in which carefully-selected historic cars, a clever mixture of models of different makes that have left their imprint on the event, take part.
Each year, a manufacturer and/or a model are highlighted. In 2014, the stars will be BMW, and the Mini, which is now part of the BMW Group since it bought Rover in 1994. At the time cars of both makes raced in the Tour de France Automobile.

The Tour Auto Optic 2ooo continues the tradition of the event by alternating circuit races and special stages on closed roads transforming it into a top-class event in which ex-F1 and rally drivers meet up again, and share their passion with the increasingly large number of gentlemen drivers who take part in the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo.

Ferraris are always a big part of the Tour Auto, many of which raced in the famous Tour Auto decades ago. This year sees a host of 275s, plus some early 250s, and the later 308 Group 4 cars.

Source: | Image: Peter Singhof