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Lavish Ferrari Book Presented at Retromobile

Posted by on Feb 8, 2014

At Retromobile, the second in a series of lavish and exclusive books on Ferrari printed products was introduced. In the photo, left to right, are the designer David Williams, the author Nathan Beehl and the collector Ronald Stern. Titled “A Postcard from Maranello”, it covers over 200 b/w cards pictured full size, and 200 color cards pictured in reduced size, from the years 1947 to 2013. It also covers the production process needed at the time to go from original photo to printed postcard. It is important to note that the book covers the official Ferrari postcards – that is, only postcards issued by the factory for the factory. There is also a section on Enzo Ferrari’s business cards, Ferrari letter headings, etc. There is a foreword by Piero Ferrari. The size is 12.5” x 14.5”, is leather bound, and is...

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