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250 GTE 2+2s at the GTE Gathering

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015

Compiled by GTE Owners and Marcel Massini At the recent 250 GTE 2+2 gathering at Concorso Italiano, there were a record number of examples. On the Saturday, August 15, a total of 19 Ferrari 250 GTEs and three 330 Americas gathered for their third decennial Reunion at Concorso Italiano on the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey, California. During the day, quite a crowd gathered around the cars and the owners were approached by a number of current and past owners of these models with information about their cars. As the GTEs had gathered from all over North America, the event afforded a wonderful opportunity for owners to compare notes on their cars and share experiences and many new friendships were formed. A highlight of the day was the invitation for three cars to be driven across the...

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Record Gathering of 250 GTEs at Concorso Italiano

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015

By David Wheeler On Saturday August 15th a total of 19 Ferrari 250 GTEs and three 330 Americas gathered for their third decennial Reunion at Concorso Italiano on the Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey, California. The 250 GTE 2+2 was the first true production Ferrari, produced to provide funding for Enzo’s racing activities. In total 954, including 4 prototypes, were built, in 3 Series, between 1960 and 1963. We believe bodies were ordered from Pinin Farina in batches of 50. The last batch of bodies were fitted with the 4 litre 330 engine and these were all exported to the United States, hence the name, making 1004 cars in total. The GTE was also the first road car to be designed with the help of a wind tunnel. Scale models of the various proposed bodies were tested...

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Third Reunion of 250 GTEs at Concorso Italiano

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015

The 250 GTE Register & Newsletter is organizing a third gathering of their favorite cars at this year’s Concorso Italiano on Saturday August 15th at the Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey, California. This has become a decennial event, deferred from 2014 because of the Maserati Centenary celebrations. The 250 GTE Register & Newsletter was started in the early 1980s by Len Miller. The objective was, and still is, to keep track of the 954 cars built by Ferrari SpA between 1960 and 1963 and to help owners and enthusiasts keep in touch with each other. The Register also keeps a record of the fifty 330 Americas that had the 4 litre engine fitted into the GTE chassis and body. Although these cars cost as much, or more, than the two seat cars when they were new, by the...

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GTE Tradition, and Recognition, Continues

Posted by on Jul 2, 2015

A great tradition will continue in the Ferrari world with a new publisher for the famous “Ferrari 250 GTE Newsletter”. This newsletter was started by tireless Len Miller and has been around since 1984. Later it was taken over by Bill Preston, who continued with the newsletter’s main mission, which was to collect and preserve as much data as possible on the GTEs. The newsletter and Register are run by Tom Wilson and the new Editor/Publisher is David Wheeler and the newsletter’s future (and that of the associated GTE Register) is bright. Actually, it is Tom Wilson, David Wheeler and Yvo Alexander who are the moving forces behind the “preserve the GTE” movement. What’s great about this GTE is that, first, it is all organized and done by a few dedicated 250 GTE owners/amateurs/enthusiasts, etc, along with the contributions...

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Caption Contest

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014

Caption Contest… We don’t know where this is, or was (or when, who, what or why) but it is intriguing. We do know that the Italian police did use Ferraris, and this 250 GTE 2+2 has the lights on top and the “Polizia” plates. What these men are up to – note no uniforms – no one knows, but the picture begs for a caption. If you think of one, send to Picture was sent by your resident 250 GTE expert Yvo Alexander.   Source: Info from your staff. Image by Yvo...

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International Ferrari 250 GTE Meeting a Success

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014

For the second time in 4 years, an International Ferrari 250 GTE meeting was organized by Dutch Ferrari enthusiast Yvo Alexander, owner of the beautifully restored Ferrari 250 GTE with serial number 3961 (on the cover of Cavallino 180). The location chosen this time were the grounds of the Royal Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands, the venue for the international bi-annual Concours d’Elegance. On Sunday June 22nd, an unofficial world record number of 15 different Ferrari 250 GTEs gathered in front of the Royal Palace for an impressive and unique line-up. The Ferrari 250 GTE owners, from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK, drove all the way to Apeldoorn (in the Netherlands) to attend this special event. The fabulous row of sixties Ferraris parked in front of the Royal Palace attracted a large crowd of...

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Ferrari Community Recognizes Understated Elegance of the GTE

Posted by on May 28, 2014

Long relegated to the back of the room by some of its star siblings, the 250 GTE 2+2 has emerged from the shadows to regain its long overdue place in the sun. Conceived as a four seat sedan, it was, by its very nature, purposely designed by Pininfarina to be more restrained in looks than the concurrent berlinettas, cabriolets and spyders. Underneath the cars were pretty much the same – the full bore Ferrari V-12 engine, gearbox, suspension and running gear – but for the GTE, more room and comfort. Now the true stylishness and sophistication of these GTEs is being fully appreciated, as owners have restored them back to original, and more importantly, restored them back to their original colors – black, dark blue, dark green, dark red, grey, etc. It is these darker colors that Pininfarina chose...

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250 GTE Owners Invited to Reunion Event

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014

Dear Ferrari 250 GTE owner, Back in June of 2010 we have celebrated the 50 years existence of our wonderful classic Ferrari 250 GTE, with an international party of 9 cars in and around Laren in the Netherlands. This time we would like to invite your Ferrari 250 GTE, the driver and your passenger(s) to attend the Concours Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands on Sunday June 22nd 2014. The idea is quite simple. To achieve the presence of at least 10 Ferrari 250 GTE’s on Sunday June 22nd 2014 and in return the organization shall park our classic 2+2 cars in a special spot near the palace and offer our group a VIP package for the day. The costs of the VIP special package are Euro 95,- per person including the VAT. Within the VIP special package we are being offered the following;...

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