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About Cavallino


Cavallino magazine is the oldest, largest, most complete, and most respected Ferrari publication in the world, bringing you the best on Ferrari 6 times a year.


The journal of Ferrari history for the serious enthusiast.


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SERVICE: When you call us, we talk to you. If we can’t solve a problem on the spot, we’ll call you back. If you e-mail or fax us, we e-mail or fax you back. If you write us, we write back. Once you enter the Ferrari world, you are part of the Ferrari family. We treat you like family.

AUTHENTICITY: Our articles and stories on old and new Ferraris are thoroughly researched, and written by acknowledged experts. Cavallino is the recognized Ferrari authority because all facts are checked and verified for accuracy. And if we don’t know something, we’ll tell you that too. Back issues of Cavallino are saved as an invaluable reference source.

HISTORY: Along with being accurate, our stories are complete. If we cover a certain model, the great Daytona, for example, we tell you everything — the designs, the prototypes, the production run, all its mechanical specs, all the serial numbers, with technical drawings, and more. You’ll be an expert on the model when you’re done reading. And you can always put it away for future reference.

QUALITY: We go to great pains to print our photos in superb color and black and white. We digitize all photos at high dpi and we print slowly on sheet-fed presses, not web. You can see every nut and bolt clearly, and count every spoke if you want to. We use the best photographers to shoot the current Ferraris, and we have an unrivaled archive of historical Ferrari photos. Each issue is 64-96 pages of everything on Ferrari, and only Ferrari.

ACCESS: Over 32 years, Cavallino has built up a very close relationship with the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, and with all the Ferrari Importers and Dealers around the world. They give us the best information for you. We have entree to all the Ferrari museums and private collections, and also to all the back rooms at the premier Ferrari restoration and service shops. Come along with us as we visit them and see what they’re working on.

SERIAL NUMBERS: All Ferraris are unique, and each one has its own chassis serial number. This is how the Ferrari world keeps track of all the great cars. Cavallino is the only publication that prints the serial number for every Ferrari mentioned in our stories, articles, and race results. In a recent issue, we had over 400 different numbers. This constitutes a valuable resource, for now and in the future.

RACING: Ferraris made their name on the race tracks of the world, and still do today. We cover Ferraris competing in Formula One, GT2, LMS, ALMS, Ferrari Challenge and vintage racing around the globe. In our race results, we give model type, driver, and chassis serial number. We document for the present, and for future reference.

THE MARKET: In each issue, we list every Ferrari GT model and give you its current market value range based on actual sales (not asking price). We canvas dozens of dealers to find what’s been sold, and for how much. Cavallino prints the only accurate guide to the current Ferrari market, and we indicate what’s gone up and what’s gone down. No guesswork.

ADVERTISING: Cavallino has advertisers in its pages who want to reach you. We screen them all, and Cavallino is considered the yellow pages of the Ferrari world. If you need reliable dealers in Ferrari cars, parts, service, restorations, memorabilia, collectibles, art, books, models, everything — you’ll find them in Cavallino.

LETTERS: Once an article appears in Cavallino, our readers send us comments and we print them. Letters that add new information, correct facts, give opinions, raise objections — you can too. It all adds to the pool of knowledge about these rare and unique automobiles.

NEWS: The Ferrari world is alive and well today, with a lot happening. New street models being introduced, new race cars being built, old models being restored, rare cars being found, events being organized. We bring it all to you and keep you up to date.

SECURITY: We now accept subscriptions online, by mail, or by fax! To subscribe to Cavallino online please click here.  If you’d prefer to subscribe by fax please download the order form and fax it to us. Or print it and send it by mail. Or call us or e-mail us. No matter which way you choose, we send you a confirmation. If you send us a credit card number, we use it once, and then discard it; we don’t keep them on file. Also, we never sell or rent or give our mailing list to anyone. Finally, we mail the magazine in an opaque, secure, protective envelope.

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“Cavallino” is Italian for the Prancing Horse, the venerated symbol of Ferrari.
The word “Cavallino”, for the true enthusiast, embodies the very essence of Ferrari.