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Pebble Beach Again Anchors the Monterey Week


It all started with the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance over 60 years ago, and it was still the dominant force of the week this year, bar none. Today, August 17, it was huge, it was successful, it had the best cars from all over the world, it was a “happening”.

The quality of the classic cars was outstanding, with many 99+ cars competing head to head for only 1-2-3 in various classes, and some honorary awards. It was extremely difficult for the judges, since the cars ending up in the first 3 places are all usually 100 point cars. Then, of course, the best of this best went up for Best of Show.

The Ferrari classes were no less difficult, three classes in all, with two being the normal GT and Competition. But it was the third class that drew the attention – 20 examples of the iconic Testa Rossas, for their first ever serious reunion. Included were the groundbreaking pontoon-fendered 250 TRs, with body designed and built by Sergio Scaglietti, and several of the factory-entered TRs from 1958 through 1961, with bodies by Medardo Fantuzzi.

Add in the supporting events that Pebble Beach does, like the Tour d’Elegance and Retro-Auto, and you cab envision the size and scope of this event.

More information and a complete list of Ferrari entrants will be in Cavallino 203.


Source: Info from your staff. Images from Billy Pascucci.