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Automobilia Monterey Showcases Memorabilia During Monterey Week


Automobilia Monterey is now a recognized part of Monterey Week, a lead-off event as much as Concours on the Avenue. The ballroom at the Hyatt was packed with serious memorabilia dealers, and equally serious collectors. This is a no-nonsense event, even as the organization is satisfying and the mood is welcoming. Everyone was welcomed, newcomer as well as seasoned collector, and you were invited to look and learn as well as buy some outstanding memorabilia.

The trading this year was much the same as last year, as collectors seek out any and all printed literature that’s related to a particular model of car, Ferrari or otherwise, as every piece adds to the provenance of the car, this being now extremely important as prices for the cars rise ever higher.

The event ran for two days Tuesday and Wednesday, August 12-13, and most of the world’s best memorabilia dealers, booksellers, modelers, and specialized parts dealers were there.

Tony Singer is to be congratulated for creating a must-do event for the novice and serious collector.


Source: Info from your staff.