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Exclusive Test Drive of TR in Maranello


One of Cavallino’s sharp-eyed staff caught this 250 TR on a test run outside the Ferrari factory recently, where it had just been restored by Ferrari Classiche. It is s/n 0716 TR, and it’s on its way to California to be part of the Testa Rossa display at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The car was first raced by the factory at the 1000 km Buenos Aires in 1957, with Luigi Musso and Olivier Gendebien driving. Unfortunately, it met with an accident and was a DNF. It was sold to Celso Lara Barberis, who raced it often in Argentina. It later went to a Giorgio Moroni, and it was raced in South America with various local drivers. Along the way, it lost its original body, replaced with a GTO style body by Drogo, and engine, replaced by a similar unit.

In 1970, it came to the USA with a succession of owners and finally went to Italy in 1978 to the Dubbini family, who had Carrozzeria Fantuzzi, Modena, put on a correct TR body. Later it was completely restored by Neil Twyman Racing Ltd. in the UK, where everything was made correct. Great care had been taken in the restoration to present s/n 0716 TR as close as possible to the original factory configuration and finish as it first appeared at Buenos Aires in January 1958.

It raced in many Ferrari Historic Racing events in Europe with the Dubbini’s, and then went to Classiche for a final restoration.

For more information on s/n 0716 TR, see Cavallino 159, with a major history Keith Bluemel.


Source: Images from Yvo Alexander. Info from your staff. Search this site for 250 TR.