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Tailor Made Photo Gallery

Tailor Made

Purchasing a brand new Ferrari from an authorized dealer is a moment of a lifetime that select few enthusiasts get to experience. As a tifosi the only thing that could possibly exceed this experience would be to custom order a bespoke car through Ferrari’s Tailor Made program.

Ferrari Tailor Made is a unique experience by which customers may work alongside a Ferrari designer and personalize their new purchase.

“Clients make their personalisation choices on site in Maranello where they are flanked by a personal designer who will assist them in creating their bespoke Ferrari right down to the tiniest detail. This will encompass everything from livery colours to cabin trims, finishes and accessories of which there is an unprecedented selection of materials, treatments and hues.
Owners can opt for luxury traditional materials, such as cashmere, or more casual, contemporary ones of the likes of denim. Needless to say, there are plenty of high tech options, such as carbon-fibre, too. The end result, however, is in each and every instance, a standard of exclusivity completely unmatched anywhere in the automotive sector. In fact, this is the first time many of the materials are being used or approved for use on cars.”

Kindly enjoy the brief Ferrari Tailor Made Gallery below. For more information regarding the Ferrari Tailor Made Program contact your nearest Factory Authorized Dealer or click here.