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De la Rosa: “Montreal can always catch you out.”


From Monaco, we move on to Canada, which is a significant change, as Scuderia Ferrari test driver, Pedro de la Rosa explains to “Driving in Montreal two weeks after Monaco is a significant change in terms of driving style. From low speed and plenty of understeer, one goes to a track with a greater chance of oversteer and long straights.”

The Canadian track is very challenging from many points of view, starting with the brakes as well as being high on the fuel consumption scale, and providing a stern test of aerodynamics and the engine. Some parts of the track involve constant acceleration and this has a big effect on fuel consumption.

“There are two things a driver always wants in Canada,” explains De La Rosa. “Good brakes and an aggressive approach to the kerbs. If you tackle them right, the kerbs help get the best line onto the straights and thus setting a good lap time.” The drivers all love this track, partly because there are a few overtaking opportunities and grid position does not have such a strong influence on the final outcome. Physically, it’s not particularly demanding because the long straights provide some breathing space.

However, jumping the kerbs and spending a long time on the brakes – about 15% of the total race time – can cause lower back pain. “The hardest part in my opinion is the bit between turns 4 and 5,” continues Pedro. “You have to jump the kerbs well but if you lose control of the car for an instant, you end up in the wall. Drivers have to endure up to 5g on the neck, but only for a short period, so from this point of view, it’s not much of a problem.”

Source: Ferrari Media