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Cavallino 201: La Nina Bonita Recovered


It was sold new to Argentina to enthusiast Angel Maiocchi, and it had a long and decent racing career in South America. Its body by Vignale was unusual for its time, and earned it the name La Nina Bonita – the “Lovely Girl.” It’s the 225 Export Vignale Spyder, s/n 0216 ED, and it is coming off a thorough and extensive restoration by RPM in Vermont.

After its years in South America, it was brought to the USA and received a decent restoration. Then it sat in a private collection for 20 years. Now the current owner has elected to bring this “Lovely Girl” back to pristine condition, both visually and operationally.

No one knows who at Vignale first came up with the idea of the cut-away front fenders but it presaged the famous pontoon-fendered 250 Testa Rossas by several years. It ranks right up there as one of Ferrari’s most unique one-off specials.

It is headed for Pebble Beach in August, to be rediscovered by the Ferrari community, but you can see it first in Cavallino 201, published on June 1. Text by the famous South American expert Christian Bertschi, with historical images of the car in Argentina. Plus beautiful salon photography by Zachary Minot as it finished its restoration.

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Source: Image courtesy Christian Bertschi