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Ferrari Market Letter Celebrates 1000!!!

1000 issues that is! Quite an achievement! If it seems like FML has been around forever, that’s because it has. Started in 1976 as a small newsletter by Gerald Roush, it soon grew into the one and only trusted Ferrari buyer’s guide, and that has continued to this day.

The Ferrari Market Letter is the absolute most fun in the world. Every two weeks, without fail, a large white envelope appears, full of Ferraris, and Ferrari stuff, for sale. It was, and is, a microcosm of the Ferrari world at any point in time, and true to its name, it gives you a glance at the market for Ferraris – what is for sale, what prices are being asked.

But it is more than a menu of cars for sale. The first few pages are key – it is here that Gerald Roush (and later, his family and staff) would have commentary on the comings and goings in the Ferrari world, plus in-depth article on whatever car caught his (their) fancy. And they are good articles, full of all the facts and figures that keep the serious Ferrari world on an even keel.

It is good to see that the family (and a good crew of contributors) has elected to do everything to keep this shrine safe and sound, and to secure its survival and prosperity. As long as the Ferrari stays strong, and it will, the FML will be another 1000 issues.

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