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Ferrari Community Recognizes Understated Elegance of the GTE

Long relegated to the back of the room by some of its star siblings, the 250 GTE 2+2 has emerged from the shadows to regain its long overdue place in the sun. Conceived as a four seat sedan, it was, by its very nature, purposely designed by Pininfarina to be more restrained in looks than the concurrent berlinettas, cabriolets and spyders. Underneath the cars were pretty much the same – the full bore Ferrari V-12 engine, gearbox, suspension and running gear – but for the GTE, more room and comfort.

Now the true stylishness and sophistication of these GTEs is being fully appreciated, as owners have restored them back to original, and more importantly, restored them back to their original colors – black, dark blue, dark green, dark red, grey, etc. It is these darker colors that Pininfarina chose originally because it’s these colors that reflect the subtle lines and curves of the GTE, but also contrast nicely with the subdued brightwork (as seen in the image attached).

Another factor in the continuing recognition of the importance of the GTE is the relatively small number made, near 940, a high number in the Ferrari world, but very small in the automotive world at large. And this number has been reduced by the many examples that were neglected and trashed, and the others that were chosen (for shame) to be the base for counterfeit Californias and GTOs.

One person leading the charge for this renewed interest in GTEs has been Yvo Alexander from The netherlands, who owns a treasured GTE, and who for several years has organized events for GTEs, from local cars & coffee to a special grouping at the famous Paleis Het Loo Concours d’Elegance in The Netherlands.

The star, and the price, for the 250 GTE 2+2 continues to rise.

Source: Image from Yvo Alexander