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Fernando Hard at Work


Fernando Alonso is having a busy day in Maranello, following on from the Monaco Grand Prix, working with the team on the development of the F14 T for the coming races.

In the morning, the Spaniard attended various meetings with the engineers to hear what developments have been planned since the start of the season to cover each race. In Maranello, everyone is working hard to make the F14 T more competitive, while bearing in mind that any improvement can only be seen in relation to what its closest rivals are doing.

Although he’s realistic about the team’s current situation, Fernando is still very much motivated and has made it clear to the engineers that he has no intention of giving up, asking everyone to pull together to try and close the gap to rival teams as much as possible.

In the afternoon, Alonso was strapped into the simulator, working on preparing for the next two tracks in Canada and Austria, the latter returning to the Formula 1 calendar. In fact, Fernando is one of only three current drivers to have raced there before, having done so in 2001 and 2003. Work in the simulator focused mainly on improving the power delivery and identifying a base-line in terms of mechanical and aerodynamic set-up for both circuits.

Source: Ferrari Media