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A Few Stats From the Mille Miglia


At the recent Mille Miglia on May 15-18, the amount of organization needed was phenomenal. There were more than 3,000 people involved, 9000 meals were served, about 4,000 rooms were booked, with a peak of 1,400 rooms in Brescia (pre and post-race).

On 435 entrants, 358 were classified as finishers, more than 400 made it to Brescia and 18 were withdrawn. There were over 1,500 accredited media present from all over the world.

The support vehicles attending the race were over 90: 8 pathfinders, 7 pace cars, 4 staff cars responsible for competitor-liaison, 4 press cars, 6 medical cars, 6 route support vehicles, 14 vehicles with the job of supporting the marshals en route, 3 in the advanced party, 2 sweepers, 6 cars looking after organizational matters and 2 cars dedicated to shooting video footage.

Among the merchandising curiosities of the Mille Miglia are the 200,000 flags, given away throughout the course and most welcome, especially among the children.

But the Mille Miglia is a competition and the most important numbers are those relating to the ranking. Winner of the Mille Miglia is the team made up by Mozzi-Biacca in the Lancia Lambda type 221 Spider Ca.Sa.Ro. The winner of the Ladies Cup are Grimaldi-Fanti, in their Jaguar XK 120 OTS.

The official results are available on the Mille Miglia website, at the following link:

Image: Jerry Wyszatycki of Avatar Productions, Inc.