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1960 Winner Comes Home to the Tour Auto


At the recent Tour Auto in France, a welcome visitor was the 250 GT SWB, s/n 2129 GT, which actually was 1st OA in the 1960 Tour de France, driven by Willy Mairesse and Georges Berger. After a grueling week of track events and over the road time trials, this SWB came home first against some very tough competition, including other GT Ferraris, all driven by top drivers, such was the prestige of this event. The story of this car in the 1960 Tour de France, and the other Ferraris in that race, can be found in Cavallino 172 in an extensive and detailed article by Germain Mallejac.

The current Tour Auto is a recreation of those great days, more subdued and less overtly competitive, but still an attraction to the cars that competed there in its heyday. This year the 1960 winner was driven by Adrian Beecroft and Susan Roy.

Source: Arnaud Meunier –