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Another Of The Old Guard Passes

Vecchi Pic

Above in Image: Ener Vecchi, 4th from left, helps the Maestro Juan Manuel Fangio at Reims in 1956.

Ener Vecchi, one of the historic Ferrari mechanics, passed away on March 14 (?), 2014, at age 93.

When his regular schooling was interrupted by WW2, Vecchi went to Sicilia for the military service, and became mechanic for the Italian air force, until the end of the hostilities.

Back home to Emilia, and strong of his experience in the military, Vecchi had little trouble getting a job as an apprentice at Auto Avio Costruzioni on September 18, 1945, the company run by Enzo Ferrari in Maranello, which made machine tools such as broaching machines. The passion of the racing cars having never left the latter, so when he decided to start making cars, Vecchi was among the first mechanics of his team, as a chassis assembler.

From Piacenza 1947 to the end of the 1968 season, Vecchi worked for racing drivers legends such as Cortese, Ascari, Fangio, Hill or Amon, and in the years before his retirement happened on 30 November 1979, he worked within the Ferrari factory testing and checking production Ferrari V12 engines as well as Boxer flat-12 engines; from assembly to dynamometer, testing to installation.

Ener Vecchi was the first mechanic to be awarded with the “The Mechanics’ Master Trophy ” – having risen through the ranks, he became Ferrari chief racing F1 mechanic from 1962 to 1964 – and was one of the members of the former Mechanics ¬†Club.

Vecchi always held a close relationship with Enzo Ferrari, for whom he was devoted without restraint. He was one of the most famous Ferrari mechanics, among the last of the old guard, so he will be fondly missed. Ener Vecchi left his wife Carmen and two daughters.

Source: Arnaud Blanfuney