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Techno Classica Essen

The German Classica car show, Techno Classica Essen, just closed its doors. The Salon was a very good success. As in previous years, the event is a great place to discover interesting Ferraris like a 225 Berlinetta Vignale who finished second at Tour de France 1952 or the 365 GTC from 1969 Bruxelles auto show. But probably the most unexpected car on hand was a 166 F2, in reality only the frame, the rolling parts and a part of body.
In 1951, Ferrari sold this ex-Scuderia Ferrari 166 F2 to customers Scuderia Marzotto. The car was restamped with a 3 digit number : 116. In 1954 Berardo Taraschi purchased the car with the help of Guido Mancini and the Scuderia Marzotto. Taraschi raced the 166 F2 himself from 1955 to 1957 and modified it often. The car was in a state of constant evolution during his possession.  

The car stayed within the Taraschi family for many years. Taraschi’s son Tazio raced it again in the Ferrari Club Italia Meet and historic races during the 1980’s.

Whether the 166 F2 was at Essen Germany to be restored, sold, or just exhibited remains unseen. Only the future will give us an answer!

Berardo Taraschi 166 F2 Race Results:

1954, 15 aug. : XXIII Circuito di Pescara #14, DNF

1955, 27 mar. : VII Gran Premio del Valentino – Torino #26, 7th

1955, 08 may : VIII Gran Premio di Napoli #4, 6th

1956, 15 apr. : VI Gran Premio di Siracusa #18, DNF

1956, 06 may : IX Gran Premio di Napoli #?, 6th

1957, 28 apr. : X Gran Premio di Napoli #310, DNF

Source: Info and Images by Arnaud Meunier