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February 18, 2014: The Enzo Ferrari Museum Reopens


The Enzo Ferrari Museum (MEF) will reopen, February 18. Displaying its new focus which is aimed at celebrating Enzo Ferrari and the values of the Modena area.

The renovations have begun with the main wing, which has been transformed into a kind of “time machine” where it is possible to relive nearly 100 years of history, progress, racing, extraordinary cars and passion.

Visitors will be immersed in an emotional film projected all around them that will offer a precise historic and emotional value to the cars on show via the deeds of the protagonists. It will make for a unique and engrossing introduction to a world that will be full of surprises and tug at the heart strings of those watching. The Museum’s new management Ferrari SpA, which is working in an open and positive way together with the Casa Natale Foundation and with the Modena institutions, will thus offer a first view of its renovations. These will be followed by a reworking of the Casa Natale and improvements to the museum’s outside areas. From today visitors will be able to go into the Casa Natale through the gate with the marble staircase that Enzo Ferrari often recalled, to grasp immediately the spirit of an age and the extraordinary vision of a man who knew how to conquer the world, starting from a hard-working office near the railway station.

Info and Image: Hugo Garritsen