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0384 AM To Come To Market

0384 AM

On 09 January 2014, at a reception at their new headquarters building in London, Bonhams announced that they have been given the privilege of offering the Ferrari 375 Plus, chassis s/n 0384 AM, at their sale at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, 2014. As anybody who watches classic Ferrari movements knows, this car has been the subject of a long running ownership dispute, which Bonhams have been instrumental in resolving, allowing the car to be offered for sale without any legal encumbrance hanging over it. The car had an interesting race history in Europe in 1954 before coming to the USA to be raced by Jim Kimberly in 1954 and 1955. After a succession of owners, it was bought and stored by a gentleman in Ohio, and was later reported missing. It turned up in Europe with a new owner, and since then the new owner and the old owner (and their heirs) have argued for years over who owned what, and who paid who for what, to settle the dispute. While in Europe it was restored by Classiche, with many parts needed, however, from the Ohio heirs. The reunification of some of these parts with the car has been possible courtesy of Bonhams’ efforts, as after many years of legal wrangling, they have been able to bring the two sides of the dispute together, to agree on an equitable solution. Thus the car can have the shadow lifted, and be enjoyed as it should be, by a new prospective owner and, hopefully, Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide.

We’ll have more of this story and more images in the next Cavallino magazine.

Info and image from Keith Bluemel.