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Cavallino Classic Competition Results


It was a fabulous year to see old Ferraris and Maseratis being actively raced again on Thursday and Friday at Palm Beach International Raceway. As part of the Cavallino Classic’s schedule of events, it is a true crowd-pleaser. Lawrence Stroll won the Disc Brake Race in his famous Penske 512 S, s/n 1040, and Jeff O’Neill won the Drum Brajke Race in his Maserati 20 F, a car with a wonderful history. The CCC expanded its Pre-War class to include any race car worthy and we saw a Talbot Lago T26C and a 1925 Aston Martin GP Brooklands, along with a Bugatti and several Alfa Romeos. Historic racing stalwart Peter Giddings won the Pre-War Race with his Alfa Romeo Tipo B.

Image by Jerry Wyszatycki –

Race #1 – Drum Brake Group


 Early Ferrari GP Class:

1st Jim Stranberg, 500/625 F2 (0210)

 Early 250 GT Class:

 1st Chuck Wegner, 250 Tour de France (1141 GT)

2nd Jack Thomas, 250 GT Boano (0527 GT)

Early Sports Car Class:

 1st Ed Davies, 375 MM Spyder (0372 AM)

250 Testa Rossa Class:

 1st Chris Cox, 250 TR (0756 TR)

2nd Leslie Davies, 250 TR (0748 TR)

Maserati GP Class:

 1st Jeff O’Neill, Maserati 250F (2527)

Trofeo di Florida:

Jeff O’Neill


 Race #2 – Pre-War Group


Early Grand Prix Class:

 1st Tom Clifford, Bugatti T37A (37367)

2nd Mitch Gross, Aston Martin 1925 GP/Brooklands

Late Grand Prix Class:

 1st Denis Bigioni, Talbot-Lago T26C (110005)

Alfa Romeo Class:

 1st Peter Giddings, Alfa Romeo Tipo B (5006)

2nd Jon Shirley, Alfa Romeo Tipo B (50005)

3rd Ed Davies, Alfa Romeo Monza (2111042)

Trofeo di Florida:

Peter Giddings


Race #3 – Disc Brake Group


250 GT Class:

 1st Ed Davies, 250 GTO (3705 GT)

2nd Tom Price, 250 GTO (4757 GT)

3rd Leslie Davies, 250 SWB Comp/61 (2729 GT)

275-365 GT Class:

 1st Chuck Wegner, 275 GTB/C (09073)

2nd Lorne Leibel, 365 GTB/4 Comp (14065)

512 BB/LM Class:

 1st Jim Fuchs, 512 BB/LM (29509)

2nd Todd Morici, 512 BB/LM (29511)

512 S / 512 M Class:

 1st Lawrence Stroll, 512 M / Sunoco (1040)

Trofeo di Florida:

Lawrence Stroll